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We have had the great opportunity to make an exchange between German students from Heidelberg College, in Heidelberg, and our students of 3 and 4 of ESO and 1 Bach. of our school Laude Fontenebro in Moralzarzal during April and May.

The students were very nervous as this was the first time they had an exchange of this type.

When we arrived at the central station in Heidelberg, the families and the Spanish teacher of Heidelberg College were waiting for us. The weather was excellent and we went for a walk through the city with the German girls.

The last two school days of the week, our students spent their time in class with the German girls. In the afternoons we did some fun activities, finishing with a barbeque near the river Neckar.

Saying goodbye to the girls was sad, as we all wanted to stay, but knowing that we were going to see each other again in Spain made it easier.

Three weeks after that, the German girls arrived at our school. It was on a Saturday, so the girls spent the weekend at home with their Spanish families, some of them even went to the "Parque de Atracciones".

On Monday, the girls went into Madrid with their teacher. Our headmistress was waiting for them there and together they visited some of the most emblematic places of the city.

On the last day, we all went together to San Lorenzo del Escorial and there we visited the Monastery and the chair of Philip II of Spain.

In the afternoon, the mother of one of our students invited everyone to her house to spend the afternoon together. It was a very kind gesture.

On Friday we had to say goodbye to the girls. We were sad but the students are going to keep in touch and some of them are even thinking of spending some time together in summer.

We hope we will be able to repeat this great experience again next year!

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