Solidarity Projects

We believe in values-driven education, this is why we have launched different solidarity projects with the name of Solidarity Fontenebro: 

- Escuela Amiga de Unicef

We partner with Unicef Spain and became "Escuela Amiga de Unicef" to promote the rights and wellbeing of every child.

La Despensa Solidaria (Solidarity Pantry): collecting food for the needed. 

- The scholarship program soup kitchens from the Educo Foundation 
(money raised in our solidarity race).

First Solidarity Race Laude Fontenebro

Aladina Foundation (initiative and idea from our 5th and 6th graders) A charity created in 2005 which aims to help children and teenagers suffering from cancer and their families providing them with the means they need, material, psychological and emotional.


Primary students visit Aladina Foundation
and donate the collected money

Nepal´s charity THE DIRECT HELP FOUNDATION TDHF (which is financed through the Maths project ¨Matemáticas Solidarias¨ that secondary students have realized).

Math project "Matemáticas solidarias"

-Food bank

-Cake sale where our students and teacher brought home-made food

The First Solidarity Fontenebro Race took place the 18th of April, nearly 400 people joined us.  It was a joyful, festive day with the sun out. We were also lucky to have an amazing pop group waiting for the runners at the finish line.

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