Our mission is to provide comprehensive education focused on stimulating quality and to develop the knowledge, skills, talents, values and potential of each and every one of our students in order to give them the tools to thrive in a world of constant change and challenges.

Our goal is learning, understood as the acquisition of knowledge and skills and to develop the ability to understand the social, personal, emotional, academic and international aspects of our world today.

We are committed to the holistic development of our students with the aim of:

  •        Develop their curiosity and creativity and a culture of lifelong learning. "Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"
  •        Promoting a multilingual learning and an open, global mindset that allows function in international and multicultural environments.
  •        Develop communication skills and social skills.
  •        To inspire and encourage each and every one of our students to develop a passion for learning.
  •        Being healthy people, free, reviews, respectful, responsible, integrity and ability to design your own destiny.
  •        Forms educated and cultured people.




These are the six key points which define Laude Fontenebro School’s educational project:

1. BILINGUAL SCHOOL, We are a bilingual school from 1 to 18 years old, except for year 1 and 2 which we have opted for a 100% immersion in English.

2. ACTIVE METHODOLOGY. The methodology at all levels is an active methodology that seeks to promote the involvement and responsibility of the student, putting them at the heart of their own learning process. It is in the middle and high school levels, through the students’ maturity where this methodology comes to fruition.

In primary school we follow the International Primary Curriculum, a curriculum used in over 1,000 schools in 65 countries worldwide. The goal of the IPC is to give a combination of academic, personal and international learning. We want children to enjoy their learning, develop inquiring minds, develop personal qualities they need to be good citizens of the world, and develop a sense of their own nationality and culture, while developing a deep respect for other nationalities and cultures. Above all, we want to help children to develop all the skills they need to face with confidence the world of tomorrow.


The entire school life revolves around learning and students. We want to contribute to the development of solvent students,  able to continue learning throughout life, curious, cultured,  educated and responsible.

We seek their comprehensive training, not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of skills and abilities. We promote universal values ​​and all with the aim of developing the various talents of our students.

4. LEARNING EXPERIENCES: We develop a curriculum that, in addition to knowledge acquisition provides a variety of learning experiences through participation in Environmental and Middle solidarity projects, building communication skills in English and Spanish (drama, speech and debate), development of critical thinking skills, Emotional Education, Robotics and programming, participation in the First Lego League ...

5. COMMITTED TO MUSICAL EDUCATION, SPORT AND THE ENVIRONMENT AS PART OF THE LEARNING PROCESS. These areas are particularly important in our educational project, promoting healthy habits and essential values ​​such as creativity, effort, teamwork, imagination, participation, integration, responsibility and respect for others.


6. A VERY PERSONALISED AND INDIVIDUALISED ATTENTION, we define a personalized and individualized attention of all and every one of our students, adapting to their particular learning needs, with special care in the tutorial and communication work with families.

Rules of Organization and Operation 

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