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LAUDE Fontenebro School’s Partners

All families of Laude Fontenebro School enjoy the benefits and discounts offered by the partners in our network. This section lists the various companies that take part in our Partners Programme.

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Remember that it is important to specify that you are a member of LAUDE Fontenebro School to receive discounts offered by our partners.

If you are a business owner and would like to offer your services to parents, students and staff of LAUDE Fontenebro School, please contact the department of Admissions and Marketing ( for more information and read our terms and conditions.


BEBÉ-A-BORDO – Your specialist childcare shop where you can find every item needed in childhood. We have sought out the best quality and offered the best prices since 2004.

Laude families and members of staff can claim a 5% discount (not combinable with other offers or discounts).

Located in the centre of Collado Villalba C/ Zunzunegui, nº 2 Los Belgas (next to the courthouse)

28400 C. Villalba. Tel. 91.849.94.05,


REQUES E HIJOS S.L., Official Distributor of REPSOL Fuels, offers you a range of benefits for being part of LAUDE FONTENEBRO SCHOOL community.

EQUES E HIJOS, S.L. distributes BiEnergy E+10 heating diesel, a state-of-the-art heating oil that, besides reducing pollution, optimises your boiler’s consumption by up to 30%, and offers other services such as:

  • Cleaning oil tanks
  • Legalisation and servicing of installations
  • Advice on the legal compliance of installations

And now, in partnership with REPSOL, there is an installation maintenance service, “REPSOL HOGAR”, which includes:

  • Complete annual service of the heating installation
  • Combustion analysis
  • Detection of leaks
  • Visual inspection of the tank
  • Technical service advice
  • 24-hour breakdown repair
  • Call-out and one hour of labour FREE

You can get a 50% DISCOUNT on the first year of your service contract, paying an annual charge of €66.50 including VAT!

What’s more, we will FINANCE your order for heating oil with up to THREE INTEREST-FREE PAYMENTS! (It can also be financed over 6 and 9 months.)

Special LAUDE FONTENEBRO offer: on your next heating oil order above 500 litres, we’ll apply a €10 discount!* This cannot be combined with other promotions.

NEW! WE ALSO NOW SELL ELECTRICITY AND NATURAL GAS! Contact us to compare with your bill. CONTACT: 91-8508989 / 687831445-6 Website:


c/Calibre, 8-10, Pol. Ind. P-29/28400 Collado Villalba (Madrid)

Tel. 918 50 89 89 / / Email:


VELLEZZA is a beauty and wellness centre specialising in laser depilation, with a new system that is highly effective and painless, in addition to facial and corporal treatments.

All members of Laude Fontenebro School can claim a 10% discount. The discount does not have an expiration date.

C/ Fuente del Alamo nº16 Local 4-E / 28.400 C. Villalba (Madrid)

Tel. 634 928 664 / / E-Mail:


CDP – We develop and sell innovative electronic products for both personal and professional use.

All members of the LAUDE FONTENEBRO community can use the following promotional code to claim a 15% discount on all purchases in 2016: FONT2016

C/ Kanna 2, Local 3 (Pol. Ind. P-29) / 28400 Collado Villalba, Madrid

Tel: 91 849 9161 / Fax: 91 851 7160 / / Email:


With more than 5 and 20 years’ experience in teaching respectively, at alvaTeaching we offer classes in:

  • mathematics, physics, chemistry and technical drawing
  • preparation for Cambridge and Trinity language certifications

We aim to motivate each student in each subject depending on his/her requirements.

The offer for those who attend Laude Fontenebro is:

  • free enrolment in the courses
  • 15% discount on private classes.

Antonio Arnoso / Tel. 658 77 69 62 / /


IFHASA, S.L. is a Spanish company based in Madrid with more than 30 years’ experience in:

  • Industrial and domestic (single-family dwellings) electrical installations
  • Telephone and computer installations
  • Energy efficiency

IFHASA offers a 15% discount on all projects that come through Laude Fontenebro School.

c/Reyes Católicos, 6 Nave 302 / 28108 Alcobendas / Tel. 915 016 711 / /

AXA Seguros e Inversiones

AXA Seguros e Inversiones is the leader in the Spanish insurance industry. AXA’s objective is to support customers facing adverse situations or any other difficulties in the course of their lives. We also seek to provide security and peace of mind when it comes to new projects. To do this, we need to build solid and trusting relationships on a day-to-day basis.

For families and staff at the school: a permanent 5% discount on life, home and health insurance. This cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions on offer.

Check out other current promotions and/or discounts for families at the school for the insurance policy you need.

Contact with the promotional code “AXA-Laude” and tell us which insurance policy you need, or call 91 1290856 between 9 am and 7 pm, leaving your name and mobile number.

Centro - Le. Martin de la Concepcion

Osteopathy is a manual discipline that brings together specific knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Osteopathy treats the body in a holistic way, helping to relieve, restore and remedy lost equilibrium, whether musculoskeletal, visceral or in the nervous system, using harmonisation techniques.

These techniques are adapted to the type of injury, tissue and person.

Treatment can be provided at home for people with reduced mobility.

All members of the Laude Fontenebro community can claim a 15% discount.


We specialise in the complete organisation of any type of event where beauty and fun take centre stage. Beauty and make-up parties, skincare workshops, company event corners, exclusive beauty treatments at home, and our star service: beauty coaching as well as personalised and standard beauty advice.

We offer a 10% discount on parties and general beauty treatments, and 15% on Anne Simonin cosmetics.

We are also giving away a free personalised facial diagnosis with an exclusive free 45-minute treatment at home.

More information at: www., Email: Tel.: +34665652739



A restaurant located in the Dominio de Fontenebro development with a terrace boasting stunning views of the Sierra de Madrid. The menu is centred around Mediterranean food with dishes that range from ‘cachopo’ rockfish to octopus. Restaurant with a chill-out area and magnificent views. Enjoy the Sierra’s finest sunsets.


Bookings: 682 716 050

Calle Arroyo del Osea, 1

(Urbanización Dominio de Fontenebro) 28400 Dominio de Fontenebro Spain


SR Consultores, S.L. is a reliable partner for small or medium-sized enterprises, or the self-employed person, who wish to take their business forward, maximising profitability and minimising risks. At SR Consultores, S.L., customers have access to expert staff who deal with the formal obligations of SMEs and the self-employed to be handled and resolved in the following areas:

  • Tax advice
  • Employment advice
  • Investment and financial advice
  • Administrative management
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Accountancy services
  • Traffic and transport management
  • Application of data protection legislation and its obligations

All clients originating from the Laude Fontenebro Partners Club get a 10% discount on the standard rate. Higher discounts may be available depending on the case at hand. More information is available at tel.:  918518828