At what age can my child start school?

From the age of one.

Is potty training a requirement for enrolling at the school?

No, our staff take care of the needs of our smallest children.

Where can I buy the uniform?

The school has its own on-site uniform shop.

Is Laude Fontenebro a bilingual or British school?

Laude Fontenebro has a bilingual programme, which means that it offers a large part of teaching in English but follows the Spanish curriculum. This enables our children to acquire a high level of English without experiencing difficulties in being accepted at Spanish universities.

Laude Fontenebro belongs to the international British group ISP (International Schools Partnership).

At what age do you introduce English?

Teaching is 100% in English at the ages of one and two. From the age of three, teaching is 60% in English.

At what age is the third language introduced?

Our children can choose a third language in Year 4 of Primary, either French or German. This continues until Year 4 of ESO. In the first year of Baccalaureate, your child can choose a third language as an optional subject.

Is it compulsory to use the transport service?

No, the transport service is optional.

Does the school have its own kitchen?

Yes, the meals are made in the school’s kitchen. Our menus are carefully prepared by a nutritionist with the aim of providing our children with a balanced and healthy diet.

Is it possible to request special menus?

Yes, please let us know if your child has allergies, intolerances or needs to follow a specific diet so that we can offer a menu adapted to their needs.

At what age do swimming lessons start?

From the age of two.

Are there extracurricular activities?

Yes, the college offers a wide range of extracurricular activities after the school day from the age of four, as well as a transport service to take students home afterwards.

From what age are new technologies taught?

Children’s contact with new technologies is constant from the moment they enter our school. All the classrooms have a digital whiteboard and the use of technology is fully integrated into our school’s methodology in each subject. In Year 1 of Primary, we start teaching IT as a subject and programming is introduced. In Secondary, students have a classroom dedicated to programming, electronics and robotics.