Molly-May, Language assistant

26th January 15

My name is Molly and I have just arrived from Cambridge, England. I am currently working in a few Primary Education classes helping the teachers. Everyone at the school has been so welcoming and friendly. As I am getting to know the students, I am realising that, they too, are very welcoming! They are all…

Thanksgiving Day

21st January 15

The 27th of November, Laude Pre-School Children have celebrated Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is an American National Holiday where people give thanks for the blessings of the harvest and food of the preceding year. Nowadays, everybody gives thanks not only for food but also for family, friends, health etc. Its roots are dated from 1620 when…

Christmas Decoration

21st January 15

As Christmas time is almost here, students from year one of Primary Education have been working on Christmas decorations. We have been decorating the classrooms and also the Primary corridor by means of writing some Christmas poems and colouring drawings with lots of excitement and enthusiasm as Christmas time is here! They coloured a big…

Science & Art

21st January 15

Year 2 Primary, have been exploring plants in both Art and Science, to coincide with National Science Week in November. We drew two different types of plants from observation and then used them for an experiment to see “How do plants adapt to their environment?” We constructed special boxes for each plant to see if…

Santa´s Trip

21st January 15

This year’s Christmas show is entitled “Santa’s Trip!”  All the students in primary have been working on the scenery in Art classes and designing a snow globe to represent each of the twelve countries that Santa will be visiting. The best snow globe for each class will be projected onto the big screen in the…

Scenery team Christmas Festival

21st January 15

Scenery for the Primary School show ‘Santa’s Trip!’ is now up, thanks to the following students for all their help and hard work: Cristina S. and Laura from 6A, Daniela and Julian from 6B, pictured here celebrating a job well done!

Going to the library

21st January 15

In order to teach and show the importance of reading, once a week pupils from year 1 of Primary Education go to the library for an hour during the English lesson. We are encouraging the pupils into the habit of reading because we think that learning to read is about listening and understanding. Through hearing…

Laude Fontenebro Social Media Engagement

24th November 14

We are very proud to present the new Facebook and Twitter accounts for Laude Fontenebro. They offer direct communication that allows us to share the latest news quickly. Connect with us today! Join Laude Fontenebro on Facebook Follow Laude Fontenbro news on Twitter

Ryan Robson talks about Laude Schools with El Mundo

24th November 14

  The Chief Executive Officer of International Schools Partnership, Ryan Robson, talks about the seven Laude schools, including Fontenebro, in the newspaper El Mundo. View Article

House Point System

11th November 14

This programme involves the entire school community at Laude Fontenebro.The idea stems from the British House System and promotes healthy competition between teams and fair play. Points are awarded for academic, sporting and extra-curricular achievement, or caring for others… any positive activity and engagement is valued. Points are accumulated throughout the month and the House…