29th April 16

Dear Regine, We all at Fonte wish you the best in your new destiny. A farewell but not a goodbye, as I am sure our friendship will continue. Queremos dar la bienvenida a Silvia, nuestra nueva directora de marketing y admisiones, a quien deseamos lo mejor en nuestro cole. Alicia Alonso de Leciñana, Directora    

IPC Collaborative Eagle making project for Open Day!

25th April 16

Thanks to all who came to 2B classroom to collaborate on Open Day and make our IPC school mascot, ‘Lagee’ the eagle!  Working with strips of plastic bags, on a wire mesh structure, we learned how fun and easy it is to make sculpture! It was a wonderful team effort and lovely to see students…

Knowledge Harvest

20th April 16

Year 2 Primary have been brainstorming everything we know about the Olympics…We have been thinking about which sports are represented and when and where the Olympics is held.  We have created thought bubbles with all our ideas…

Teach your monster to read

17th March 16

Year 2 Primary are making great progress learning sounds and teaching our monster to read.  We have ALL passed the first level now!  We use this innovative, interactive resource in the ICT room and we earn motivating certificates while practising phonics.  There are two more levels to go – Great fun learning!!

Stop Global Warming!

15th March 16

Our Year 5 students have finished this term’s project. We studied ecosystems and how they are being affected by global warming.  If the consequences are already terrible, imagine what they might be like in a century. That’s exactly what we did. To help reduce pollution we gave some shoe boxes a second life (reuse), we…

First Lego League Event – Building experience in technology!

23rd February 16

After weeks of investigating, building, experimenting and problem-solving, two teams representing Laude Fontenebro – one with students from 4 de ESO and the other with students from year 4 in Primary, finally had the opportunity to present their Lego projects at the annual First Lego League event held at the Universidad Camilo José Cela on…

IPC Y1 – Flowers and Insects

19th February 16

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) – Year 1 Primary.  As part of the IPC unit ‘Flowers and Insects,’ year one Primary have been doing observational drawings in Art.  It was hard at first as we are not used to drawing what we see, but we are learning how to look and we are making great progress!…

IPC – We should take care of our world

12th February 16

In year two, primary, we are learning how to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ as part of our IPC unit, ‘Our world!’  Daniela, from 2A, brought in a handmade soap, that her family made using recycled oil.  She also showed us a special kind of bag, made from reused jeans!  Her family work hard to reduce…

Peace day at Fontenebro School

1st February 16

To celebrate “Peace Day” at Fontenebro School 2B each decorated a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and then tried to put it together. We realised that some of us don’t fit easily together but that we are all part of one special team and we must work together.     Year one primary made this…

Did you know how Fontenebro students learn with the IPC?

22nd January 16

International Primary Curriculum – entry point. Year 2 started their first IPC project in a very engaging way. We went on a treasure hunt around the school grounds looking for letters to make the title ‘OUR WORLD!’ We followed clues from photographs and had so much fun while learning about our environment at the same…