We invite you to watch our videos here.


Video of our sponsored Horseball team "La perla negra" (The black pearl)

Student videos

Laude Fontenebro Halloween Short Film Festival Mix


Art & emotions Project "Reflect" by our teacher and artist Virgina Calvo

"New York, New York" - School Choir, Open House, 18 April 2015.

"What a wonderful world" - Video recorded by all pupils of Primary Education and our Primary music teacher José María Rosado in February 2015.

Celebrating the "Week of light" some students of 2º Bachillerato recorded this video presenting the "Week of light" in our school. The video is full of activities for pupils of all ages. We would like to thank them all for the great job done, special thanks to Dani! 

Medieval music video from our students of 3º ESO, Marta, Silvia, Helena and Celia.

Projects and activities at school

Artistic project contrived and directed by our Art teacher Virginia Calvo to celebrate the World Creativity day at Fontenebro school.

Zumba classes 1º Bachillerato

Swimming classes - Infants 3 years

Swimming classes - Infants 3 years

Swimming classes - Infants 5 years

Swimming classes - Infants 5 years

Swimming classes - Primary Year 4

Waterpolo - Year 7 - 6ºA EPO

 Team-building activities - Year 1

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