Bilingual English-Spanish Secondary Education (12 to 16 years)
Spanish Secondary Education

Head of Secondary, Carmen L. Hormiga García,

Secondary Education is an essential step for all students at this age. This comprises four academic years, between 12 and 16 years of age, and provides the necessary training to pursue studies either at Higher Secondary or Vocational intermediate level. Each student will obtain a certificate of completion of Secondary Education and can then actively seek employment, if they wish.

All secondary students have a joint programme of 35 subjects during class hours situated in our centre in Moralzarzal. However, our students can choose a second language between French and German, as well as a choice between Religion, History and Culture of the Religions. In the fourth year there are new electives of Art and Biology.

The integral formation of students in the Laude Fontenebro Senior School is reflected in their academic activities of cultural outings, exhibitions, alumni talks and weekly sports activities and swimming in our heated pool.

New technologies have allowed us to incorporate electronic whiteboards and digital platforms that our students use on a daily basis as part of a world where information through technological platforms is immediate. Students use digital books and technology throughout their Secondary education at Laude Fontenebro.


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