Bilingual English-Spanish Primary Education


Head of Primary, Cristina Béjar García,

Head of International Primary Currículum (IPC), Mike West, Email:

Primary Education is compulsory. Three cycles of two years each, a total of six academic courses, usually between six and 12 years of age. Children enter the first year of Primary Education in the calendar year in which they turn six.

This stage is the one that ensures proper literacy such as reading, writing, basic calculus and some essential cultural concepts. Its purpose is to provide all children with a common training that makes the individual development of motor skills, personal balance, relationships and social interaction with the acquisition of basic culture combined with the aforementioned.

Primary Education will help children develop the following capabilities:

  • Speaking an appropriate level of the Spanish language and the official language of the Autonomous Community
  • Understanding and expressing simple messages in a foreign language.
  • Applying simple arithmetic and elementary logic in every day life
  • Acquiring the abilities to function independently within the family, household, as well as in social groups
  • Appreciating the basic values that govern life and human society
  • Using different modes of representation and artistic expression
  • Knowing the basic characteristics of their physical, social and cultural environment and recognizing the importance of the experiences within
  • Assessing the hygiene and health of your own body as well as the conservation of nature and the environment
  • Using Physical Education and Sport to encourage personal development

Primary Education is organised in a comprehensive and inclusive way and will be taught by fully trained teachers at this educational stage. Music, Physical Education and Foreign Languages will be taught by teachers with the relevant expertise.
In the Primary years, Laude Fontenebro attaches great importance from the acquisition of basic cultural knowledge, to learning related to speaking, reading, writing, and numeracy, to languages (both English with bilingualism in all courses), and the second language chosen by the families, either French or German.

Physical education, sports, music and values all play an equally important role for a well-rounded education. This is the education provided for each child from its first day at Laude Fontenebro and will equip them to be a person of integrity ready for the challenges of our modern world.

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