Bilingual English-Spanish (1 to 5 years)

Head of Infants, Julia García Morán,

In the Junior School of Collado Villalba schooling of our students begins at the Kindergarten stage.

Classrooms have a year in which using the innovative methodology of our educational provision ‘Taking Off’, we help children to discover their own identity and to fend for themselves in their development of basic daily functions.


Your child’s education at this stage will focus on teaching your own body control of its movements as well as necessary day–to-day developmental tasks such as personal hygiene.

During these early years, the personal characteristics of each student determine how they learn and therefore the level of development and maturity will differ from child to child. A fun and important part of childhood education is to understand the natural world around them and so discovering and learning about nature is an integral part of Fontenebro’s learning and teaching plan. Your child will also learn about their daily routine in English giving them the necessary foundation to become a fluid speaker of a second language.

It is in early childhood education where we have the possibility of optimising the full potential of learning, based on an active, comprehensive and individual approach tailored to the needs and interests of each child, fostering a playful and innovative environment where learning models today equip children with the tools of work tomorrow.


In Childhood Education at Laude Fontenebro, bilingualism is to understand English as a second language, learning it in a natural way, acquiring language skills in the same way as within children’s families and being exposed to the language and culture in a fun and creative manner. Children listen and assimilate concepts through their daily routines daily and as part of their vocabulary learning.

Computers are a basic tool of learning and Kindergarten students learn to use the computer and the whiteboard at this stage through fun and engaging educational games.

Music lessons open up a magical world of creativity to children. It is a very important general training at this age because of hearing and nurturing an intellectual, imaginative and emotional world for children. Arousing musical interest in children gives them more confidence and independence, respect and solidarity, enthusiasm, positive thinking, communication and physical wellbeing. Ultimately, music is important for all future school learning.

The psychomotor and swimming are two fundamental aspects to start developing in the first stage of schooling because they help complement the development of our children’s personalities within a global mindset. The body and movement are the vehicle to influence motor aspects (coordination, balance, laterality etc.), cognitive (sensation, perception, memory, attention etc.) and the affective (self-confidence, knowing your environment and peer awareness and the relationships established between them).

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