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Year 2016-2017 Open Day!


Etapa Infantil: Viernes 10 de Marzo 2017 a las 14.30h 

Resto de Etapas: Sábado 11 de Marzo 2017 a las 10.45h




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APRIL 23, 10:00 TO 14:00 PM

Are you interested in a private bilingual school for your children in Moralzarzal?

Join us and get to know Laude Fontenebro School Moralzarzal. Families of girls and boys aged 1-18 are invited to Laude Fontenebro School in Moralzarzal for our annual Open House and II Laude Fontenebro Charity Fun Run on 23rd April from 10:00 to 14:00 pm.

Come meet students, families and teachers and experience the interaction between students and teachers in the classroom!

As we did last year, this year we would like to finish our open day with the celebration of a charity fun run.

The promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles among our students and families, as well as raising funds for the benefit of the Educo Foundation ( )  and its program of financial aid through school meal assistance for families in need (information about school meal assistance),  are the objectives we pursue and we want to encourage everyone to participate in the 2nd Laude Fontenebro Charity Fun Run.

We thank the local councils of Moralzarzal and C. Villalba, Autobuses Fernando Mesa, Aramark, Tienda Running, Twinner de Villalba, Carreras, Piernasruedasypatas, La Brújula de la Sierra y Onda cero Sierra for their colaboration.

The general Fun Run information is as follows:

DATE: Saturday 23 April, 2016.

SCHEDULE: Start at 12:30 from the school in C. Villalba (C / Brook Osea s / n) and finish at the school in Moralzarzal between 13:00 and 13:30. Maximum time to complete the course is 1 hour.

DISTANCE / AGES: 3.08 km. The race is through residential streets and partly on a dirt track and presents no difficulty, so it is suitable for any age and physical condition.

TRANSPORTATION: From 11:30 there will be a free bus from the school in Moralzarzal to take participants to the start (the school in C. Villalba). There is also the option of going by car to the start and after the race you can return by bus to collect your vehicle. If you choose this option, we ask that you use the school parking.

PRICE: 5 € for an individual registration and 15 € for a family registration (3 or more members of the same family).

The price includes: Accidental insurance cover, free bus transfers between schools, refreshments at the finish, a prize and your running number.

REGISTRATIONS ON LINE: Before April 22 via TICKET RUN: or on the website:

International Primary Curriculum (IPC) - A new approach to learning

At our open day you can appreciate the work and learning of our IPC units with respect to their objectives, methodology, and how the students are learning in the classroom.  Come and find out for yourselves get informed!

The main priority of our Primary School is the students’ learning.

The central focus of all the effort and dedication is centered around achieving a greater learning through skills such as enquiry and using the student’s initiative. We therefore believe that through the IPC, children continue learning during their time at primary school whilst developing the personal qualities essential for the 21st century that will help them find their place in a world of constant change.

The IPC is used in more than 90 countries and nearly two thousand schools and is gaining ground every year because of its success. The key is that IPC is theme-based learning where connections are made between different subjects and with the students’ prior knowledge. Indeed, it is how we all learn. Each theme provides a learning journey for the student and our students not only learn knowledge but also skills they can improve which will help their understanding of the theme’s “'the big idea ". In addition, through group work, research and interpretation of results the student is more at the centre of their own learning. 


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