How do I find out more about enrolling my son/daughter at school
Call 91 857 8942 to arrange an appointment with the Head of Admissions.

What documents do I need for registration?

  • Registration form from the school
  • Photocopies of the DNI or passport (mother and father) or legal guardian
  • Birth certificate
  • 4 passport sized photos
  • Copies of past school reports or certificates

What are the fees?
You will find details of the fees in Admissions/Fees.

What age can my son/daughter enter the school?
We have facilities for children from age one.  Your son/daughter can join the school as soon as they are able to walk.

Is it necessary for infants to be toilet trained before they come to school?
No, we have trained staff who look after all the children´s needs including the very young. 

Where can I buy the uniform?

The school has its own uniform shop.

Is Laude Fontenebro a bilingual school or a British School?
Laude Fontenebro is a bilingual school which means a large proportion of its lessons and communication are in English allowing the students to attain an advanced level of English by the time they move on to university. The students follow a Spanish curriculum with further enrichment and extension. Sixth Formers sit the exams for Spanish universities or others of their choice.

Laude Fontenebro is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) based in the UK forming partnerships with schools across the world.

 From what age is English taught?
From entry into the school (under 3 years) half the day is taught in English.

When do you introduce a third language?
From 3º grade in Primary (Year 4) students can opt for French or German which continues until the end of 4º ESO (Year 11). In 1º Bachillerato (Lower Sixth Form) the third language is optional.

Do students have to use the school bus?
No, the school bus is optional.

 Does the school have its own kitchen and cooks?
Yes, the school has its own catering facilities. Our menus are carefully chosen and planned to provide nutritious, balanced and healthy meals for all ages.

 Is it possible to have menus adapted according to needs?
Yes, specific diets for allergies, intolerances or other medical reasons can be catered for.

 At what age do swimming lessons start?

As soon as the infants join the school they start swimming lessons.

Are there after school activities?
Yes the school offers a wide range of activities for children from the age of 4. 

At what age do children use IT equipment?
From the moment the students enter the school they children have access to a range of hardware and software to enhance their learning. From 1º Primary (Year 2) Information and Communication Technology is part of the curriculum.


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