All of my professional experience has been linked to education. I am firmly convinced of its ability to transform the world, to make it a place that any child can find their place, grow, be happy and help create a better society.

The reality in which we live is a reality in constant change, in which the geographical borders are increasingly blurred and in which knowledge is reproduced exponentially. In this context, it is a priority to provide our students the values, skills and knowledge that enable them to develop their full potential and achieve their goals successfully.

Therefore, the second objective is to continue the path of professional development and training of all faculty members to ensure that our students are guided in their learning by education specialists in the XXI century.

Finally, our aim as a school is to provide the continuous development of a sound educational model and results will improve the visibility and positioning Laude Fontenebro and make it a benchmark in the world of education.

I look forward to your support and partnership. Along with the current team of teachers, we will work to transform these objectives into concrete actions that respond to the new needs for today's and tomorrow's educational demands.

Alicia Alonso de Leciñana Cases
Head Teacher, Laude Fontenebro

Email: a.alonso@laudefontenebro.com 

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