Laude Fontenebro School wins again a scholarship from the Amancio Ortega Foundation.

2nd February 17


A student who attends Laude Fontenebro School wins a scholarship from the Amancio Ortega Foundation.

For the second consecutive year a student from Laude Fontenebro School (Ana Grande Cros) has been granted a scholarship by the Amancio Ortega Foundation to study the first year of Bachillerato at a high school in Canada or the United States in the next academic year, 2017-2018.


Ana receiving the information about the scholarship


To win the scholarship the student had to achieve a mark  equal to or higher than a 7 with a minimum of an 8 in English in third year of ESO.

The Amancio Ortega Foundation program, which grants 500 scholarships in Spain, has as its objective to help students at Spanish schools in the learning of English and the immersion of foreign culture for one academic year. The selected students stay with a host family and  are in 11th Grade (the equivalent of first year of Bachillerato).

The scholarship cover 100% of the costs of the school year in Canada or United States.

Last year another Laude Fontenebro School student was selected by the Amancio Ortega Foundation and is currently in the first year of Bachillerato in Canada.  

The granting of this beca to a student at Laude Fontenebro School for the second year running confirms the magnificent trend of results achieved in ‘selectividad’ with the second highest mark in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, not only 100% took the ‘selectividad’ exam but with a 100% pass rate, and 45% of the students who passed achieved a mark higher than a 9.

Belonging to the International Schools Partnership group of schools, Laude Fontenebro School offers a bilingual educational project unique to the north-western area of Madrid, from 1 to 18 years, with a clear international vocation to achieve the best and most complete education for our students.


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