13th September 16

Dear Families,

We wish to welcome you to the new school year 2016/17 and to thank you for placing your trust in us by allowing to participate in your children´s education.

We assure you that we will give our upmost dedication and commitment so that the expectations that you have for us are met.  The participation and the support from the families will always be necessary, as well as a fluid channel of communication.

Our teaching experiences, with a team of qualified teachers, are constantly undergoing further training in the most efficient methods and teaching tools that allows us to carry out our work with confidence and guarantees of success.  This is backed up by our excellent results, both in external exams for the Community of Madrid in different year groups, and also in external foreign languages examinations and University Access Tests (Selectividad).

Throughout the upcoming school year, as in previous years, we want to contribute to the development of reliable students, well-rounded individuals, capable of carrying on learning for the rest of their lives, curious, educated, well-informed and responsible.  We aim for an integral learning experience, no only whereby student acquire knowledge, but also the development of skills and abilities.  Furthermore, we strive to instil universal values in our students, with the ultimate goal that they develop a variety of skills amongst our students.

In order to achieve all of this we have developed a curriculum which delivers a series of learning experiences through participating in Environmental and charity projects, developing communication skills in English and in Spanish (theatre, drama, public speaking and debate), critical thinking skills, Emotional education, Robotics and Computer programming, taking part in the First Lego League, and so forth.

The school follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for the primary school children.  The aim of the IPC is to offer a combination of academic, personal and international learning.  We want our children to enjoy their learning, develop inquisitive minds, develop the personal qualities necessary to become good global citizens, and to develop a sense of their own national and cultural identity, whilst at the same time developing a profound respect for other nationalities and cultures.  But even more important than this, we want to help the children to develop all of the skills which they will need to be able to confidently face tomorrow´s world.

We guarantee a truly bilingual system, in the which the immersion in the English language in Infants 1 and 2 is complete, and between 50% to 65%of the day in the rest of the school years.  The English language is present in all aspects of school life, investing in teaching staff and bringing on four native English language teaching assistants, to insure that the students learn in a quality bilingual environment.

The personalisation of the teaching allows us to attend to each student according to their personal and academic needs.  We are defined by a truly personalised and individualised treatment of each and every one of our students, adapting to their specific learning needs, with a special emphasis on tutors and the communication with families.

As you have already been able to see, we have made an important investment into updating our facilities, and in creating new spaces for learning.  We have also continued with the renewal of our technological resources, with the acquisition Chromebooks and more Interactive Whiteboards.

The Coordinators, Heads of Depatment, Student Welfare Department, the Tutors and Teachers will be at your complete disposition throughout the school year.  As for myself, you can count my upmost participation.

Kind regards and all my best wishes for the school year that we are today starting.



Alicia Alonso de Leciñana Cases