First Lego League Event – Building experience in technology!

23rd February 16

After weeks of investigating, building, experimenting and problem-solving, two teams representing Laude Fontenebro – one with students from 4 de ESO and the other with students from year 4 in Primary, finally had the opportunity to present their Lego projects at the annual First Lego League event held at the Universidad Camilo José Cela on Saturday 20th February. 

Each team had been working hard on this year’s challenge, which was related to recycling and through their investigation and model building the teams’ respective projects brought together aspects that the FLL organisation aim to promote – science, technology, and engineering.

Olivia Pérez, Manu Gil, Paula Pérez, Carlos Gordo, Alba Zarzoso and Sergio Pérez from 4A and 4B in Primary, otherwise known as ‘Let’s Recycle’, were the team that presented their project in the Junior category.

The team of six young innovators, constructors and engineers had worked magnificently for six weeks, guided by their coach Mike, on their project related to recycling glass bottles.

If the students were nervous on the big day, it didn’t show as they gave a wonderfully confident presentation to the judges and the proud family members who were present. Our team were the only group to present in English!


The FLL team  from secondary, “LEGO WARS”, formed by Blanca Arias, Paula Balandin, Helena Berreiros, Hugo Cabrera, Juanfer Lázaro, Juanan Martínez, Andrea Moreno, Fernando Romo, Marina Ruiz, Alejandro Sanz, with the support of  their coach Luis, defended their excellent scientific project with a superb presentation that startled the judges and the audience. Hugo who couldn’t come to the event for medical reasons was there with us in soul and heart and his work was deeply acknowledged by his teammates in their presentation, and during the event with skype video connections included.

The robotics competition was really challenging and our robot didn’t perform as competitively as we would have desired, but gave us great satisfaction when completing some of the missions. And has left us a great deal of knowledge acquired for next events.

Both teams had a great time and a life lasting experience, of hard work, friendship, teamwork, collaboration and excellence, great values that complete their formal school education.