European Code Week 2015

20th October 15

As a way of promoting interest in computer science and more specifically in the skills required for computer programming, the European Commission ran its annual ‘Week of Code’ initiative where students at schools across Europe spent last week (12-18 October) writing code and creating programmes.   

This year, for the first time, both Primary and Secondary students at Laude Fontenebro joined the expanding European coding community by participating in the European Code Week 2015.

Technology’s huge influence in our lives is unquestionable and it is essential that students these days not only understand how it works but also develop the skills and abilities to maximise the usefulness of such a powerful tool.

Learning to code helps students to understand better how computers work but also helps them to explore their creativity, think logically, and develop their problem solving skills.  

Did I mention it was a lot of fun, too?