Science & Art

21st January 15

Year 2 Primary, have been exploring plants in both Art and Science, to coincide with National Science Week in November.

We drew two different types of plants from observation and then used them for an experiment to see “How do plants adapt to their environment?”

We constructed special boxes for each plant to see if they would grow towards the light.  We decided to water them twice a week and to keep them enclosed in the boxes at all other times.

Both plants were healthy and strong when we put them inside the boxes and both were given the same conditions:  Minerals (from the soil), water and air.  We hypothesised that each plant would grow towards the hole in its box to find the light.

After one month we opened the boxes and were amazed to see that the biggest and healthiest plant had died, whereas the second one had continued to grow.  The leaves at the top of the plant had lightened in colour due to the lack of light but it still looked healthy and strong. 

We concluded from our Science experiment that some plants adapt better than others to their environment and that all plants grow better with natural light.